Quebec man sentenced to 16 months for damaging and robbing 65 pay

first_imgMONTREAL – A Montreal-area man who broke into pay phones 65 times over several months and made off with $6,000 has been sentenced to 16 months in prison.Laval police say Stephane Sauve, 48, had been detained since his arrest last February as he emptied the contents of a pay phone.Police spokeswoman Evelyne Boudreau said Sauve, a local resident, was caught with help from Bell Canada’s security team, which installed a computer chip inside a number of phones.She noted that some phones had been targeted more than once.“With Bell, we decided to have a small chip inserted in some phones which would be an alarm system that would alert Bell Canada,” Boudreau said.“And on that particular day, on the 10th of February 2017, an alarm came out from a gas station with a phone booth and Bell called 911.”The investigation began in June 2016 following a number of police reports about public phones and telephone booths being broken into.Boudreau said there were 37 such incidents in Laval and 28 in Montreal.“It’s not a usual target because there are fewer and fewer telephone booths,” she added.Sauve, who was formally charged Feb. 13 with robbery, mischief, possession of burglary tools and violating his conditions, was sentenced Wednesday.Boudreau said Sauve was detained because he had a prior criminal record that included shoplifting as well as thefts from vending and coffee machines.Police say damage was estimated at $109,000.last_img read more

US claims for jobless aid fall sign of employer resilience

by Josh Boak, The Associated Press Posted Jul 7, 2016 6:39 am MDT Last Updated Jul 7, 2016 at 7:20 am MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email US claims for jobless aid fall, sign of employer resilience FILE – In this Tuesday, Oct. 6, 2015, file photo, job applications and information for the Gap Factory Store sit on a table during a job fair at Dolphin Mall in Miami. On Thursday, July 7, 2016, the Labor Department reports on the number of people who applied for unemployment benefits the week before. (AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee, File) WASHINGTON – Fewer Americans sought unemployment benefits last week, a sign that U.S. workers still have job security despite recent tremors in the global economy.The Labor Department said Thursday that weekly applications fell 16,000 to a seasonally adjusted 254,000. The 4-week average, which is less volatile, dipped slightly to 264,750.Unemployment claims are a proxy for layoffs. The 70-week streak of claims staying below 300,000 is the longest since 1973. It’s evidence that employers view their business prospects as being strong enough to keep workers on the job, even as Britain’s vote to depart the European Union has further compounded the volatility seen in the financial markets this year.There were recent signs that employers were turning somewhat pessimistic about the pace of growth as monthly hiring slowed sharply in April and May. Employers added just 38,000 jobs in May, the fewest in more than five years.But economists expect the government jobs report being released Friday will show a pick-up in June, with estimates that employers added 180,000 workers.The modest level of unemployment benefits indicates that employers are looking past the sluggish 1.1 per cent annual U.S. economic growth recorded from January to March. The total number of people receiving benefits has dropped 7.8 per cent from a year ago to 2.12 million.Many economists are forecasting growth in excess of 2 per cent for the second quarter ended in June.Still, the Federal Reserve has held off on any changes to its short-term interest rates. The U.S. central bank that once hinted at the possibility of multiple hikes in its federal funds rate this year has yet to take action so far, citing uncertainty about the economy and global factors such as weaker growth abroad. read more

UN chief urges vigilance against antiSemitism and discrimination of all kinds

“We must stand together against the normalization of hate,” said the Secretary-General, speaking at the Park East Synagogue in New York, on Saturday.“We must reject those who fail to understand that as societies become multi-ethnic, multi-religious and multi-cultural, diversity must be seen as a source of richness and not a threat,” he underscored.In his remarks, the UN chief cited examples from around the world showing the rise of the neo-Nazi threat as well as the growing concern that such groups are trying to “rebrand themselves” and present themselves as kinder or gentler to win wider favour.“They are less crude and more dangerous,” warned Mr. Guterres.He said that such groups sometimes seek to falsely claim that “they have no problem with Jews, their target is the other group, the other religion, the other minority,” cautioning that whenever and wherever the values of humanity are abandoned, “everyone is at risk.”We must reject those who fail to understand that as societies become multi-ethnic, multi-religious and multi-cultural, diversity must be seen as a source of richness and not a threatSecretary-General GuterresRecalling the theme of this year’s Holocaust Remembrance Day that highlights the importance of education as a shared responsibility, the Secretary-General called on leaders across the board to step up.“Words matter,” he stressed, adding:“It matters what leaders say. It matters what kind of example is set by public officials from mayors to ministers to heads of state. As Rabbi Schneier has said, all of us have a responsibility to act against indifference.”Concluding his remarks, the UN chief urged everyone across the globe to stand up to hatred and to work together to build a world of pluralism, mutual respect and coexistence for all. read more

Brock Film Series screens The Florida Project Wednesday

The Brock University Film Series continues this week with The Florida Project, which will be screened Wednesday, Feb. 21 at 7 p.m.The Florida Project writer/director Sean Baker first gained notoriety with Tangerine (2015), a gritty tale of love and friendship within Hollywood’s transgender community that was shot entirely on iPhones. This time, Baker has returned with a poignant film about the struggles and challenges faced by the underclass who live in the shadows of Orlando’s garish Walt Disney World complex. The fact that the film’s protagonists live in a motel called the Magic Castle that sits just miles from the Magic Kingdom makes things all the more poignant. But while The Florida Project tackles serious issues, it does so largely from the perspective of Moonee, a rambunctious six year old who spends her summer getting up to all kinds of adventures and trouble. The results of Baker’s approach have been described as “risky and revelatory.”  Willem Dafoe co-stars as Bobby, a harried, but caring, motel manager — a role that has earned him another nomination for Best Supporting Actor at this year’s Academy Awards, his first since Shadow of the Vampire (2000).For more than 40 years, the Department of Communication, Popular Culture and Film has hosted Brock’s film series to bring some of the best in international, independent and Canadian cinema to St. Catharines. Films, all selected from the TIFF circuit, screen most Wednesdays until April 4 at the Pen Centre’s Landmark Cinemas.Tickets for each screening are $10 for adults and $5 for Brock students and can be purchased in the lobby of Landmark Cinemas each Wednesday night. Season tickets are also available. For more information and a full lineup, see the BUFS website. read more

Le sens du battement de queue dun chien à son importance

first_imgLe sens du battement de queue d’un chien à son importanceCanada – Selon des chercheurs de l’université de Victoria, un chien qui balance sa queue du côté gauche exprime sa joie la plus profonde. Nous savons depuis longtemps que lorsqu’un chien remue la queue, il exprime son contentement. Mais des scientifiques ont découvert que la direction du battement de queue avait aussi son importance.Pour prouver cela, les chercheurs ont mené une étude pour le moins originale. Ils ont confronté 500 chiens à un autre… robotisé. Il s’agissait d’un labrador électronique grandeur nature, doté d’une queue pouvant être manipulée par les responsables de l’expérience.Lorsque les animaux étaient placés en contact avec le chien robot et que celui-ci balançait la queue du côté gauche, ils s’avéraient beaucoup plus réceptifs que lorsque les scientifiques bougeaient la queue du faux chien vers la droite. Dans ce dernier cas, les chiens étaient plus méfiants à s’approcher, s’arrêtaient et faisaient des pauses.À lire aussiLe chat de Pallas, un félin sauvage aussi irrésistible que méconnuLorsque la créature robotisée balançait la queue du côté gauche, 56% des chiens l’approchaient sans hésitation franche, tandis que lorsqu’elle balançait du côté droit, seuls 21% des chiens approchaient.Les scientifiques ne savent pas dire s’il s’agit là d’habitudes acquises par l’expérience ou d’une caractéristique génétique.Le 6 février 2010 à 13:38 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Il était une fois lIBM 5150 le PC révolutionnaire fête ses 30

first_imgIl était une fois l’IBM 5150 : le PC révolutionnaire fête ses 30 ansSorti en 1981, le Personal Computer 5150 d’IBM fête ses trente ans aujourd’hui même. Né du travail colossal d’une petite équipe de douze ingénieurs, le développement de cet ordinateur personnel inaugurait une nouvelle ère de l’informatique.Il y a 30 ans, une équipe de douze ingénieurs développait un ordinateur personnel qui allait tout changer : l’IBM PC 5150. A l’époque, celui-ci disposait d’un équipement rudimentaire, pas de moniteur, de disque dur ou encore de port en série. Mais cela a suffi pour que le Time Magazine l’élise “Man of the Year” en 1981 et pour qu’il ouvre une nouvelle ère de l’informatique. Pourtant, la partie était loin d’être gagnée.”On devait faire en un an et à douze, dans un petit laboratoire de Boca Raton (Floride), ce qui demandait à l’époque quatre ans de travail à trois cents personnes”, se souvient David Bradley, membre de l’équipe. En fait, l’IBM PC 5150, alias Acorn, était un programme secret baptisé “chess project”. Un challenge d’une grande importance qui a eu besoin d’un petit coup de pouce pour être achevé à temps. En effet, l’IBM a fait appel à des fournisseurs extérieurs pour les composants de sa machine. Ainsi, l’ordinateur arborait un banal processeur Intel 8088 de 4.77 mégahertz, jusqu’à 256 kilooctets de mémoire vive et une architecture ouverte de 8 bits ISA-Slot d’extension. Soit, à titre de comparaison, seize millions de fois moins de mémoire vive que l’iPhone 4 qui peut en détenir 64 Go. David Bradley reconnaît d’ailleurs que “la révolution n’est pas l’ordinateur personnel en lui-même, mais son système ouvert”, explique système ouvert mène à un nouveau marchéA l’époque, Big Blue, surnom de l’entreprise en raison des gros ordinateurs bleus qu’elle fabrique, a ciblé ce qu’elle connaissait le mieux : le monde de l’entreprise. “IBM a envahi les bureaux pour s’incruster dans les foyers et être partout où l’homme aurait besoin d’un PC”, analyse Philippe Nieuwbourg, directeur du musée de l’Informatique, et cité par Mais IBM, dont le siège est basé à Armonk, dans l’état de New York, ne comptait pas s’arrêter en si bon chemin : “Le système ouvert a permis le développement d’un nouveau marché, celui des compatibles”, précise Philippe Nieuwbourg. IBM s’est alors très vite emparé de 50% du marché. Ainsi, sa stratégie innovante lui a permis de vendre non pas 500.000 appareils à la fin de l’année 1984 comme il était prévu, mais bien deux millions de ce bijou.Les élèves surpassent le maîtreÀ lire aussiLes incroyables images d’une “apocalypse de pollen” aux Etats-Unis (Vidéo)Mais on connait la suite : avec un marché de l’ordinateur en plein boom, c’est alors “l’émergence définitive des géants, qui sont à l’origine du succès d’IBM : Intel et ses microprocesseurs et Microsoft avec son système d’exploitation qui a été favorisée”, explique Philippe Nieuwbourg. C’est ainsi que les entreprises qui se sont développées avec l’arrivée du 5150 vont utiliser la rétro-ingénierie pour créer leur propre PC. L’aboutissement est l’apparition d’une uniformisation avec Dell, AST ou HP et leurs contretypes de l’IBM PC. Cette aventure s’est ainsi achevée lorsque “IBM, qui a profité d’un quasi-monopole pour s’imposer, s’est retrouver rattrapé et dépassé pour ne pas avoir innové” ajoute le directeur du musée de l’Informatique. Toutefois, s’il y a 30 ans de cela, une douzaine d’ingénieurs ne s’étaient pas lancés dans ce pari un peu démesuré, l’informatique pourrait bien ne jamais avoir atteint une telle évolution. A l’occasion de cette date anniversaire, découvrez les images étonnantes des premiers ordinateurs personnels sélectionnées par Maxisciences Le 12 août 2011 à 17:46 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Run Jump and Climb The Complete History of Platform Games

first_img When you think “video game,” it’s highly possible that a pixelated protagonist running from left to right and jumping on their foes to squash them is one of the images that comes to mind. The platform game — or “platformer” — has been inextricably linked to the medium for decades, as one of the genres that you can’t really simulate in any other way. At its peak in the late 1980s and early 1990s, as many as 1/3 of all console games released were platformers. That ratio has changed, but they still command attention both commercial and critical.The platform game has changed a lot from the early days of Jumpman to modern 3D extravaganzas. Let’s take a trip through the digital archives to examine how this ultra-popular genre came to be and examine the most important examples from the last 37 years or so. Each game’s name is linked to video of gameplay so you can see them for yourself.A Humble PlumberIt shouldn’t surprise you that the company most associated with platform games created the original title that would establish the genre’s parameters. Donkey Kong, released in arcades in 1981, introduced the dedicated jump button that allowed protagonist Mario to leap oncoming barrels, traverse gaps, and grab hammers hanging in the air. It’s widely regarded as the first “true” platform game, but there were a few others that preceded it that flirted with the concept.Probably the first game that could be technically called a platformer is Universal’s 1980 Space Panic, which starred a player-controlled astronaut who could climb and descend ladders as well as dig pits for enemies to fall into. The basic concept would extend to 1983’s Lode Runner franchise. The “no jumping” platformer would prove popular in the mid-1980s with games like Burger Time refining the basic concept: navigate a multi-layered playfield while avoiding enemies and collecting items.But it was Donkey Kong‘s incredible success that opened the floodgates. Within a year, just about every company had a side-view action game with a jump button. The first to hit arcades was Alpha Denshi’s Jump Bug, which featured screens that scrolled horizontally and vertically. 1981 also saw Kaos, developed by American firm GamePlan. It was quickly followed by 1982’s Kangaroo, which dispensed with the jump button to add a melee attack; Sigma’s Ponpoko, and many others.Of course, Donkey Kong saw a horde of clones including 1982’s Logger, which literally copied each screen’s layout and mechanics and made them clunkier and more primitive.These basic platformers laid the groundwork, but it wouldn’t be long before the genre matured in some interesting ways.The Second WaveThe early years of a genre can be fascinating, as before tropes get codified creatives have the freedom to experiment with ideas that may or may not work. The post-Donkey Kong platformers saw tons of interesting experiments as the games found their legs. 1983’s Congo Bongo from Sega put the running and jumping action into a pseudo-3D isometric perspective, as did Atari’s Pac-Man-inspired Crystal Castles the same year, the latter game controlling with a trackball.1984’s Pac-Land is a fascinating game for a number of reasons and has been a little unfairly overlooked by video game historians. It was a gamble for Namco to take Pac-Man out of his familiar maze gameplay, but the end result was a very forward-thinking platformer that had the round hero exploring side-scrolling worlds populated with enemies and hazards. That same year saw Namco also release Dragon Buster, a curious clumsy platformer/dungeion crawler hybrid that introduced the ability to “double jump” – pressing the jump button again in the air allowed your hero to tack on another arc.Through the 80s, Taito would become one of the most consistently innovative platform game developers in the world. They first dipped their toes in with 1983’s Elevator Action, but that same year would also see Chack’n Pop, widely considered the touchstone that their best games would draw on. Their most famous and influential is 1986’s Bubble Bobble, which offered two-player cooperative action across 100 stages with tons of hidden secrets. They’d refine this style of game through titles like Rainbow Islands and The NewZealand Story.1987 also saw Taito’s Contra released in arcades, which would meld platforming and shooting action in a way that would prove incredibly influential. The “run and gun” style, which combined death-defying jumps with blasting enemies and collecting power-ups, started its own branch of the genre that would flower over the next decade.Coming HomeThe primitive architecture of the first generation of home game consoles was a tough fit for platform games, which depended on relatively detailed (for the time) graphics and fluid animation. There were a few exceptions, though, mostly courtesy of pioneering software developers Activision who were well known for pushing the Atari 2600 to its absolute limits.The most notable 2600 platformer was David Crane’s 1982 Pitfall, which cast players as an Indiana Jones-style adventurer traversing a massive jungle that scrolled horizontally in both directions. Pitfall Harry could walk and jump along the surface as well as climb ladders down into an underground tunnel. 1984’s Pitfall II: The Lost Caverns came out as the 2600 was losing steam in the marketplace but offered vertical scrolling and even more complexity.That same year, Parker Brothers would release Montezuma’s Revenge, which put players in a 99-room underground pyramid that stretched 9 floors deep and featured locked doors that required keys to open and a variety of enemies. Platformers were already starting to be about lots of content that the player could explore and navigate.Also in 1984, H.E.R.O. from Activision equipped the player with a helicopter backpack and allowed for a tremendous amount of horizontal and vertical exploration. Lacking a jump button, it demonstrated a different approach to the genre that would be sporadically probed in the future.Home computers also saw some influential early platformers. Epyx’s 1983 Jumpman blew reviewers away for having 30 different levels – ten times what Donkey Kong offered. That same year saw Manic Miner for a number of home platforms. One of the most ambitious and influential platformers in Europe was that game’s sequel, Jet Set Willy, which tasked players with collecting objects throughout the title character’s mansion after a huge party. Composed of interconnecting screens, it inspired dozens of imitators like Chuckie Egg and Technician Ted.Some oddball side ideas also saw publication, most notably 1983’s B.C.s Quest for Tires, which featured simpler screens with large, detailed character sprites, and Smurf: Rescue In Gargamel’s Castle for the Colecovision (notable for a glitch that would make Smurfette appear to remove her clothes).8-Bit InnovationJust four years after Donkey Kong, Nintendo would release the most important game in the company’s history, one that would set the blueprint for platform games for decades to come. Super Mario Bros. was released in 1985 for the Famicon and as a launch title for the Nintendo Entertainment System in the United States.Super Mario Bros. was a brilliant fusion of the genre’s successes. It wasn’t just about precision jumping and reflexes – the world was also full of secrets like invisible blocks and hidden warps that could only be discovered through exploration and experimentation. The addition of a timer to complete each level added tension, forcing players to balance rushing to the finish line against finding all the goodies. And the amount of content – 32 individual scrolling levels, each one unique and many introducing mechanics like swimming or auto-scrolling – kept the experience feeling fresh.It wasn’t long before platformers were one of the most popular genres on the NES. It’s virtually impossible to list them all in the space we have available, so I’ll just touch on a few that were influential or worth playing.Nintendo’s other massively influential NES platformer was 1986’s Metroid, produced by the iconoclastic Gunpei Yokoi. Set on an alien planet populated by threatening creatures, players controlled bounty hunter Samus Aran as she explored in a side-scrolling platformer environment of linked screens and areas, gaining new abilities to open up previously forbidden areas.Konami took platform adventure in a Gothic direction with 1986’s Castlevania. Although hero Simon Belmont had to make some tricky jumps, the core of the action was in the whip-based combat. As opposed to Mario’s exuberant movement, Simon was heavy and almost leaden, befitting its more serious atmosphere. Castlevania would inspire a tremendous franchise that, along with Metroid, would help pioneer the “Metroidvania” subgenre of action games.Capcom fused platforming action with shooting with their Mega Man series, starting in 1987. The titular blue robot ran, jumped and shot through themed worlds, beating bosses at the end of each and gaining their powers. Many, many sequels would follow.Capcom also had success with their Disney licensed platformers like Duck Tales and Rescue Rangers.The NES also saw a number of experimental platformers, like Rare’s isometric Snake, Rattle & Roll and Solstice. Pitfall‘s David Crane returned to the genre with A Boy And His Blob. 1988’s Blaster Master was one of the best-remembered, combing a deep adventure with challenging platforming. Nintendo even added platforming elements to The Legend Of Zelda II: The Adventure Of Link.Nintendo’s competitor Sega didn’t have as much luck with the genre – despite the system’s better graphical capabilities, they never managed to develop a compelling platformer. They tried with the Alex Kidd series, Psycho Fox and others. Probably their biggest successes came with a pair of licensed Disney titles — Castle of Illusion and The Lucky Dime Caper.DOS DynamiteAs the number of competitors in the home computer era eventually winnowed down to two – Microsoft and Apple — enterprising programmers tried to bring platformers to PC users as well, with varying levels of success. The success of Super Mario Bros. inspired a wide field of knock-offs and imitators. Some were blatant — Time Warp Productions’ 1987 Great Giana Sisters was a near-exact clone, with a first level so exactly copied that Nintendo pressured stores to take it off the shelves.Other designers started using the increasing power of home computers to create variations on the platform genre. Jordan Meichner dispensed with the cartoony physics and animations for his 1989 Prince of Persia, instead photographing his brother and tracing the images digitally to create the sprites for the Prince and his foes. This came to be known as a “cinematic platformer,” with Éric Chahi’s 1991 Another World the paragon of the genre.British developers Psygnosis released a number of platform games with a more Heavy Metal aesthetic, starting with 1987’s Barbarian. They’d refine their approach over the next few years, perfecting it with 1989’s Shadow Of The Beast on the Commodore Amiga.Before they became famous for Doom, iD Software made bank with the Commander Keen series in 1990 and 1991. Programmer John Carmack devised a software technique that enabled DOS machines to do the smooth scrolling seen in games like Super Mario as opposed to the stuttering, tile-at-a-time method previously seen. That would open the gates for other shops to release their own games in that style.Apogee was the most prolific platform developer for PCs, and their flagship title was 1991’s Duke Nukem. Yes, before he was a FPS hero, the Duke hopped and bopped his way through side-scrolling environments. Apogee would pump out numerous other similar games over the next few years, including 1993’s Monster Bash.Epic Megagames released ambitious platformer Jill of the Jungle in 1992 and followed it up with 1993’s Xargon.The Macintosh had at least one influential platform game with Silicon Beach’s 1986 Dark Castle, which used the keyboard to steer your hero and the mouse to throw rocks in 360 degrees. That control scheme would be seen later in Crack Dot Com’s 1995 game Abuse.On The RunAlthough portable systems had limited resolution, they still managed to feature some interesting platformers. Nintendo obviously led the way with the Mario franchise — 1989’s Super Mario Land was a launch title for the monochrome system, although the plumber’s sprite was drastically downsized and some odd mechanical choices were made. The Game Boy’s smaller screen made platformers a hard sell on the system, but it did see a solid Metroid title, Sunsoft’s very good Batman and Capcom’s unique RPG hybrid Gargoyle’s Quest. One little-known cult classic is Monster Max for the original Game Boy, an isometric British-style platform exploration game.The Game Boy would also see the introduction of an iconic platformer hero with Kirby’s Dream Land. HAL Labs’ pink puffball used a new method of attacking, inhaling foes and spitting them back at each other. In the sequel, Kirby’s Dream Land 2, he gained the ability to swallow enemies and absorb their powers as well. Finally, the Game Boy would also see the introduction of Mario’s nasty mirror image Wario in Super Mario Land 2, and the villain would go on to anchor his own series of platformers that toyed with his indestructible nature and voracious thirst for gold.Sega had a portable system too, and aside from Sonic The Hedgehog, who we’re about to get to, and ports of the Master System Disney games, there weren’t many platformers of note on the Game Gear. Some exceptions are the surprisingly good Ronald McDonald In Magical World and Coca Cola Kid.Atari’s ill-fated Lynx had a few arcade ports and a handful of original platformers like Scrapyard Dog, Gordo 106 and Fat Bobby.The 16 Bit EraNintendo once again kept the torch for platformers lit with the selection of Super Mario World as a launch title for the Super Nintendo. Taking the overworld map from Super Mario 3, it expanded on the themes of exploration by offering multiple paths through a huge game world and dozens of new secrets to discover. This was a game to get lost in, and it was a massive success.However, Nintendo wasn’t the only force in home gaming, and their biggest competitor had a secret weapon that would show platform games another way forward. The release of Sonic The Hedgehog in 1991 was a tremendous event — in contrast to the tubby, uncool Mario, Sonic was an edgy, fast-moving character way more suited to the new decade. Instead of poking around and exploring, Sonic tore through levels at breakneck speeds, zipping through loop-de-loops and bouncing around like a pinball.The success of Sonic would usher in the “mascot platformer” era, where seemingly every publisher was looking for their own anthrompomorphic animal character to make the big bucks. Some notable ones included Bubsy, Awesome Possum, Jazz Jackrabbit (an early title from Epic Megagames, who would go on to create Fortnite) and Earthworm Jim.The Genesis also featured a number of platformers that stretched the boundaries of the genre. Kid Chameleon took a Europe-inspired approach with a high level of difficulty and lots of hidden routes. Gunstar Heroes was developer Treasure’s take on the Contra concept, with massive bosses and wildly imaginative level design.The SNES had some unusual platformers as well, including strategy/God sim hybrid ActRaiser, visually stunning Donkey Kong Country and quirky Plok. Nintendo followed up Super Mario World with an offbeat sequel that tasked friendly dinosaur Yoshi with protecting a baby Mario in Yoshi’s Island. Super Metroid took the premise of the NES original and expanded it into a massive, exploratory adventure with tons of hidden secrets.The third and least-remembered console of the 16 bit era, the Turbo-Grafx 16, had is own platforming mascot in caveman Bonk, who starred in Bonk’s Adventure and a few sequels. The system also hosted the deeply weird J.J. and Jeff, combat-centered Keith Courage In Alpha Zones and Jackie Chan’s Action Kung Fu.Finally, Atari’s doomed Jaguar system was home to at least one important platform milestone with the 1995 release of Michel Ancel’s Rayman. The limbless hero would prove to be one of the genre’s most durable protagonists, with games released for decades to follow.The Third DimensionOnce again it was up to Nintendo to take the genre and make it work with a new generation of hardware. The Nintendo 64’s launch in 1996 came with Super Mario 64, which would take platformers boldly into the third dimension.3D platformers weren’t completely unheard of — 1984’s arcade title I, Robot was one of the first polygonal arcade games, casting the player as a robot jumping across platforms to change their colors. 1990’s abstract home computer title Alpha Waves and Japanese oddity Geograph Seal would also flirt with the concept, but the technology wasn’t up to delivering the graphically lush character-based experiences people wanted from platformers.Super Mario 64 would dispense with the time limit that had been a constant of the genre, realizing that the free exploration of a 3D space was much easier to get lost in. It also required additional control options to position the game’s camera, giving it both an AI system to try and get the best angle as well as letting the player manually adjust it. The addition of an analog stick to the console’s controller was the missing ingredient, and soon other developers would follow suit. British house Rare would become one of the most notable names in the space with Banjo-Kazooie and Conker’s Bad Fur Day, the latter rife with adult humor. Scottish developers DMA Design produced the cult hit Space Station Silicon Valley, where the player controlled a robot with the ability to take over the bodies of animals.Sony’s PlayStation knew that they needed to compete in every genre to establish a beachhead in the gaming industry, so they commissioned a variety of different takes on the platformer. One of the most innovative was 1999’s Ape Escape, which required a then-new Dual Shock controller with its two analog sticks to play. The most successful was the Crash Bandicoot series from developer Naughty Dog, which transplanted the basic “extreme animal mascot” concept into the third dimension while introducing new elements like stages in which Crash ran “towards” the screen while being pursued by a giant rolling boulder, Indiana Jones-style. Insominac’s Spyro the Dragon was more exploratory in nature, with huge environments full of stuff to collect. More traditional 2D games included Tomba!, Pandemonium and the Oddworld series. The PS1 also had one of the most influential early Metroidvanias with Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night.Sega’s short-lived Saturn had a handful of platformers of its own, but while Nintendo innovated with Mario, Sega backslid with Sonic — instead of being in full immersive 3D, Sonic 3D Blast was presented from a top-down isometric perspective as a Genesis port! The company was working on a full 3D Sonic game but it was cancelled. Treasure’s Silhouette Mirage was fun, if insanely difficult, and Clockwork Knight 2 had beautiful graphics and gameplay that didn’t live up to it. Probably the only real notable platformer on the system was Sonic Team’s NIGHTS Into Dreams, which leaned more heavily on flying sequences that felt like a slow-paced Sonic without visible ground.Years In The DesertThe 64-bit era of consoles saw platformers start to fade from popularity. New genres like first-person shooters dominated both home and console platforms. That’s not to say that the concept died out entirely, just that the overload of mascot platformers slowed to a trickle with only a few successful series weathering the test of time.Nintendo’s GameCube didn’t launch with a Mario platformer, instead leading with the oddball exploratory adventure Luigi’s Mansion. When they did release a mainline Mario title, it was the unusual Super Mario Sunshine, which transplanted the plumber to a tropical isle and had him using a water-squirting backpack to clean up environmental sludge. Other platformers on the system were equally strange – Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat eschewed the traditional controller to make the player control the giant ape with a pair of bongo drums, and Sega’s Billy Hatcher And The Giant Egg centered around guiding a big egg around its levels.Speaking of Sega, the Dreamcast was their last effort at a home console, and they wisely launched with a new Sonic game right off. Sonic Adventure transplanted the blue rodent to full 3D for the first time, ably capturing the speedy gameplay that made him famous, but it also slowed things down with the addition of multiple new characters with their own gimmicks. Jet Set Radio had you guiding rollerblading graffiti artists around a city tagging walls and dodging cops, blending platform navigation with skate tricks and open world navigation.Sony’s PlayStation 2 had one of the most diverse software libraries of any generation, and that would definitely include platformers. Naughty Dog would helm the more combat-centric Jak and Daxter series. Insomniac weighed in with the Ratchet and Clank games, and Sucker Punch created the stealth-based Sly Cooper franchise. We also saw more Spyro, more Crash, et al. Other standouts include cult hit Klonoa 2 and DoubleFine’s adventure hybrid Psychonauts.Microsoft’s foray into console gaming wasn’t terribly successful early on, and the original Xbox was pretty dire when it came to platformers, with the notable exception of Blinx: The Time Sweeper, which starred a cat armed with a high-tech vacuum that could affect the flow of time. Most of the rest of the lineup was ports from other systems with a few bad exclusives like Voodoo Vince.A Return To TraditionPlatform games waned in popularity through the early 21st century, but once again it was Nintendo who revitalized them. The commercial success of the Wii console with its quirky motion-sensing controls made people forget that there were plenty of solid, traditional games on it as well. New Super Mario Bros. Wii didn’t reinvent the wheel, but instead polished and explored the series’ side-scrolling roots while adding cooperative play. It proved wildly successful, capturing a nostalgic audience and inspiring several sequels.Other companies took notice. Sega returned to 2D with Sonic 4, with less positive results (they’d later figure it out with the excellent Sonic Colors). ‘Splosion Man took a spin on the concept by replacing jumping with detonating a portion of your character’s body to propel him into the air.The Wii U also boasted one of the most interesting twists on the Mario franchise with the 2015 release of Super Mario Maker. For the first time, players had access to all of Nintendo’s toolkit to create their own 2D levels for others to play.As for the other major consoles, they’d still see a few 3D platformers every year, mostly movie licenses or installments in existing franchises. Original IP was rare on the ground from the big names, but innovation flourished in the indies. Ex-Rare employees crowdfunded Yooka-Laylee, promising a candy-colored collectathon in their classic style. A Hat In Time took a similar tack. Retro-looking offerings like Shovel Knight andThinking Man’s PlatformersPlatform games had been toying with puzzle elements since the genre’s beginning, but in the 2000s the genre flourished in a totally new way. A generation of players had grown up on Super Mario and the like, and had internalized the gameplay to a degree that let experimental designers push boundaries in very interesting ways.Probably the most important modern game in this subgenre is 2008’s Braid, the wildly successful indie title created by Jonathan Blow. Braid takes the essential hop and bop gameplay that’s remained unchanged since Super Mario Bros. and adds a potent twist: the ability for the protagonist to manipulate time in a variety of ways, from rewinding the world to creating duplicates of himself.Other games took the traditions of platformers and tweaked them. Terry Cavanagh’s VVVVVV replaced the familiar jump with an inversion of gravity, allowing the player to flip between floor and ceiling to navigate its Commodore 64-inspired rooms full of spikes and enemies. Spelunky mixed classic platforming action with roguelike level generation, making each game different from the last. Rain World puts you into a post-apocalyptic world full of malevolent beasts and tasks you with staying full and taking cover from the coming storm.Hurt MeMany early platformers were quite difficult — the Japan-only Super Mario 2 started a tradition of assuming that players knew the mechanics of the game so it was fair to screw with them mercilessly. But in the early 2000s a new genre of platformer debuted that set out to blatantly punish players with unfair deaths, pixel-perfect jumping and absurd challenges. It would soon be dubbed “masocore.”The first game to bear that flag was Michael “Kayin” O’Reilly’s 2007 freeware release I Wanna Be The Guy. In it, the protagonist “Kid” navigates multiple stages inspired by a number of NES classics, but instead of a smooth difficulty curve that let gamers acclimate to the game’s challenges and controls, they faced a near-insurmountable wall of death from every direction.The success of IWBTG inspired a host of imitators and fangames, which were posted on sites like Kongregate and Newgrounds. Some of the most notable include I Wanna Be The Boshy, Super Meat Boy and N++. One recent title that takes the Contra-styled run-and-gun approach and blends it with an irresistible 1930s visual style is Cuphead.Masocore platformers have a few common threads. While they’re insanely hard, they’re also fair: if you memorize the dangers and train yourself to pass them, the game won’t cheat you by changing things up. They’re very popular among hardcore gamers and speedrunners for that reason.Run ForeverAs mobile gaming became a large slice of the market, publishers worked to develop takes on popular genres that could work on a touchscreen. The platformer, which typically requires exact controls, seemed like a tough sell. But the runaway success of a Flash game inspired a subgenre that became hugely popular.Canabalt was released in 2009 and immediately captivated with its deceptively simple gameplay. A businessman runs from left to right across a scrolling urban landscape, jumping from rooftop to rooftop as chaos roils behind him. He must time his leaps to clear gaps and obstacles of varying heights. But what made Canablt unique was two factors. First, the game only used one control: a mouse click or keystroke made the man jump, and that was it. No control over his speed or direction is ever passed to the player. And second, there is no endgame: the player runs until he fails, earning points all the while. And thus, the “endless runner” was born.Canabalt was quickly imitated, but it took a shift in perspective to really make it a mobile success. 2011’s Temple Run moved the camera behind the player character and added a little more control – now they ran into the screen in 3D perspective and could change horizontal position into one of three “lanes,” along with being able to jump and slide under objects. This wasn’t a totally new way to look at the genre – Crash Bandicoot and other 3D platformers did similar – but combined with never-ending play areas it was a huge hit. Myriad clones followed, including Subway Surfers and Alto’s Adventure. Even Nintendo got into the space with Super Mario Run, one of their first games ever published on non-Nintendo hardware.Even with ebbs and flows in popularity, platform games are here to stay. They’ve moved from the second dimension to the third, and even to the fourth. Who knows where they’ll go from here, but you better strap on your jumping shoes.More on ‘Sonic the Hedgehog 2’ is the Best Sonic GameBest GBA GamesBest N64 Games Sorry, You Can’t Date Keanu Reeves in ‘Cyberpunk 2077”Star Wars Pinball’ Has Your Favorite Brand in Ball Form Stay on targetlast_img read more

Morning Press: Nonstop mayor; Vancouver No. 2 ‘coffee city’; Vancouver health risks; Pet adoptions

first_imgWhat will the workweek weather look like? Check our local weather coverage.In case you missed it, here are some of the top stories of the weekend:Nonstop mayor: Anne McEnerny-Ogle powers through first yearMcEnerny-Ogle made history a year ago when she was elected Vancouver’s first female mayor.In the aftermath, she’s thrown herself into the job during one of the most turbulent times in the city’s history. As Vancouver faces affordable housing shortages, rapid development and tough conversations about replacing the Interstate 5 Bridge, McEnerny-Ogle has prioritized relationships, showing a public face and, occasionally, diplomacy by baked goods.In spite of the long hours, she said it’s just part of the job.“I would have a problem doing less,” McEnerny-Ogle said as she sat in her living room on a recent weekday. The notion drew a knowing glance and a smile from her husband, who sat beside her.In the city of Vancouver, being mayor is a part-time job. But for McEnerny-Ogle, it’s her life.last_img read more

ExManagement Team Acquires RBI Titles

first_imgAfter Reed Elsevier announced April 16 it was shutting down a staggering 23 titles published under its Reed Business Information U.S. division, it was generally expected that at least some of those would be snapped back up in the 11th hour from former employees. That’s just happened with RBI’s Supply Chain Group. Brian Ceraolo, the group’s publisher, has formed a new company, Peerless Media, along with the former management team. Peerless has reached an agreement in principle with Reed Elsevier to acquire the four Supply Chain Group brands: Logistics Management, Modern Materials Handling, Supply Chain Management Review and Material Handling Product News.The deal is expected to close by the end of the month. Terms of the deal were not disclosed and a spokesperson declined to comment specifically. The spokesperson also declined to comment on the funding behind Peerless, but did say that there had been interest in the brands from a variety of parties “over the recent months and weeks.”The new company will keep the entire staff in place at the group’s current Boston area headquarters. The titles will see no interruption in their publishing schedules. “It’s a privilege to have the opportunity to provide continuity with these great brands,” said Ceraolo in a statement. “They are deeply rooted in the landscape of their respective industries.”last_img read more

One died and five more injured in road accident at Kurnool

first_imgKurnool: A ghastly road accident has taken place on the early hours of Tuesday near Allagadda in Kurnool district. In the incident one person died and five more suffered grevious injuries.Some of the critically injured were rushed to Nandyal general hospital while the others to Allagadda hospital. The deceased has been identified as Lakshminarayana resident of East Godavari district. Also Read – Metrology Department told to check weights of packed rice Advertise With Us According to information some people from East Godavari District after hiring a tourist bus were set on a pilgrimage, two days ago. First they had darshan of Lord Balaji at Tirupati and left for Kanipakkam.After bestowing the blessings of the presiding gods at Kanipakam they were known to be heading to Mahanandi to have the Darshan of Nandeeshwara Swamy. When the bus in which they were travelling reached Allagadda on the early hours of Tuesday it hit a stationary lorry on the road side.In the incident one person died on the spot and five more suffered serious injuries. On learning about the accident, Allagadda police rushed to the spot and rushed the injured to hospitals at Nandyal and Allagadda. The reason behind the accident is known to be the bus driver was in sleepy mode. Cops investigating the case.last_img read more

Noakhali road crash kills 4

first_imgRoad Accident LogoFour people were killed and two others injured when a bus collided with an auto-rickshaw at Nirwarispur in Begumganj upazila of Noakhali on Monday, reports UNB.The identities of the deceased could not be known immediately.The accident took place on Begumganj-Sonaimuri road around 1:15pm.”A Noakhali-bound bus from Dhaka hit an auto-rickshaw, killing four people on the spot and injuring two others,” said Firoz Hossain, officer-in-charge of Begumganj police station.The injured was taken to a local hospital.last_img

BJP wants political strife unrest in Hills Aroop

first_imgDarjeeling: “BJP just wants political strife and unrest in the Hills. They want to cash in on this and gather votes,” alleged Aroop Biswas, TMC Observer for the Hills. In a run-up to the campaign rally by TMC Supremo Mamata Banerjee in Darjeeling on Thursday, the party held a road show in Kalimpong on Tuesday.The road show, jointly organised by TMC and Gorkha Janmukti Morcha, started from the Kalimpong Municipality. After passing through the major thoroughfares of the Hill town, the rally culminated at Triangular Park. Also Read – Rs 13,000 crore investment to provide 2 lakh jobs: Mamata”He is a Prime Minister who lies day and night. He is a habitual liar. Everyone knows that he had promised Rs 15 lakh in every bank account and 10 crore new jobs. He had claimed that the dreams of the Gorkhas were his dreams. Mamata Banerjee is the one fighting for the identity of the Gorkhas. She is trying to take them forward. BJP just wants upheaval and political strife in the Hills. People have understood this. They will not get a single vote. They will be driven out,” retorted Biswas. Also Read – Lightning kills 8, injures 16 in stateHe stated that BJP will not get a single seat. “Bengal will lead India. She has emerged as a national leader. She will lead the country,” Biswas said, referring to the party supremo. Banerjee’s meeting will be held at the Darjeeling Motor Stand on April 11. It is expected to draw huge crowds, with GJM, TMC and the frontal organisations of both the parties joining in. “I would apologise beforehand to the schools and educational institutions as there are chances of traffic snarls owing to people from all over the Hills converging in Darjeeling for the election rally,” stated Binay Tamang, president, GJM. Tamang requested all coming for the meeting from the Hills and plains to arrive by 9 am. Elaborate arrangements have been made.last_img read more

Air France says plans to increase Cancun flights due to passenger demand

first_imgCancun, Q.R. — Air France says that due to an increase in passenger interest, they are working on plans to increase flights into Cancun.Guilhem Mallet, the general director of Air France in Mexico, said that it is a project they will be working on over the next two years.“All the plans are on the table. We may add more flights to increase the frequency or add the option of changing aircraft to one with a greater capacity such as the 777-200 for 300, which is what we use only during high season.“Everything is being analyzed and nothing is decided yet, but things will be defined within the next two years,” he explained.He added that the reevaluation of the flights is due to an increase in French interest to visit the Cancun, Riviera Maya region. Reports show that from January to July of this year, they have seen an increase of around 10,000 passengers from France to the Cancun International Airport.The Ministry of the Interior of Mexico reports an increase from 73,577 French passengers for the first six months of 2017 to 83,692 for the same period this year specifically for the Cancun airport.Mallet says that Europeans enjoy travel, especially to sun and sand destinations as well as archaeological and cultural areas.“We have positive plans specifically for Cancún,” he says adding, “In Mexico City, we have flight plans to fill the demand there, but for Cancun we want to develop connections, have more flights to have more passengers and offer more travel options in Mexico,” he said.“Aeromexico is the domestic company in Mexico with the most important market, so we want to take advantage of that to sell our product and push sales, work on the connections.“For example, to be an integrated product where a passenger who flies from Paris to Cancun can then connect to Monterrey.”Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Investment Market Challenges Addressed

first_imgInvestment Market Challenges Addressed Share 2015 Five Star Conference and Expo Housing Market Investment Lab Investment Market 2015-09-17 Staff Writer September 17, 2015 416 Views center_img The housing market has made its way back from crisis times, but investors still face unexpected challenges. The key to investors’ ability to capitalize on opportunities that exist is knowledge.Participants in the Investment Lab at the 12th Annual Five Star Conference and Expo on September 17 delved into the investment strategies and discussed how to be successful in a highly competitive market. Industry panelists from a number of companies came together in the lab to talk about regulation, non-depository lending, mortgage servicing rights, and REO to loan products in the three and a half hour lab.The director of the lab, David Tobin, a principal at one of the industry’s most respected loan sale advisory firms, Mission Capital Advisors. Tobin has extensive experience in loan sale advisory transactions, investment banking and commercial real estate debt, and equity raising.To kick off the conversation, Phil Comeau, CEO of Phillip E. Comeau Company, Inc., discussed the topic of regulatory challenges in the investment space by asking attendees to raise their hands if they were not familiar with the TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure (TRID) rule. To his surprise, the majority of attendees raised their hands indicating their unfamiliarity with TRID.Of the rule and the lack of knowledge demonstrated by the audience Comeau said, “TRID will fully bake over the next decade,” and also noting that “TRID is a solution looking for a problem.”Jeremy Burcham, chief strategy officer at The Compliance Group added, “TRID will pose challenges well after the effective date, it’s one of those regulations that people are worried about overcoming it instead of complying with it.”As for TRID’s direct impact on the investment space, Tim Herriage of Herriage Holdings, LLC, said that the rule will be “good for the investment business and flipping will be slowed, which will stabilize the industry and reduce margins.”Josh Stech, VP of Business Development at LendingHome told MReport that the results of a recent investor poll by the company discovered that investors would like to diversify deal sourcing, add new exit strategies, save on capital costs, and borrow more money.”As a lender at LendingHome, the problem is creating a better, simplified mortgage process with the ability to have a one-stop shop for borrowers,” Stech said. “This is something that is needed nationally and we believe we are doing a great job of moving toward this goal.”Technology was deemed as one of the biggest issues in lending.Mark Filler, CEO of Jordan Capital noted that non-depository lending positively impacts investment strategies due to the “wider range and variety of programs that are available compared to a couple of years ago.”In addition, David Caballero, CEO of Home Servicing addressed the REO to loan product, while Jason Shapiro, regional head of B2R Finance discussed single-family rental investments.Editor’s note: The Five Star Institute is the parent company of MReport and in Daily Dose, Headlines, News, Secondary Marketlast_img read more

Ahead of the anticipated delivery of National Geog

first_imgAhead of the anticipated delivery of National Geographic Venture, in October 2018, Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic has released details of the inaugural voyages for its newest ship. The 50-cabin coastal vessel will depart on two itineraries that explore the Pacific coast, giving guests a privileged perspective on the region — before she begins her seasons in Baja, the Pacific Northwest and Alaska.The first inaugural voyage, Coastal California By Sea, — joined by Sven Lindblad, CEO & Founder of Lindblad Expeditions – departs San Francisco on 2 December, 2018, for a 5-night ‘left coast’ journey that connects Northern and Southern CA, from the Golden Gate to Santa Catalina Island. Rates begin at $4,750 per person based on double occupancy.The second voyage, From Southern California To Baja: Sailing The Pacific Coast will depart 7 December, 2018 and travel from Los Angeles to La Paz, Mexico on a 12-night adventure. Discover the region’s world-renowned food and wine, including a private lunch at a boutique vineyard in the Valle de Guadalupe. Snorkel in the vibrant undersea universe of Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park, teeming with marine life. Meet the residents of Isla Natividad, an incredibly successful coop within the Vizcaino Biosphere, and learn the inspiring story of their sustainable fishing practices. Hang out with naturalists as they scour the horizon for migrating whales and nesting birds to share with you. Rates begin at $11,400 per person based on double occupancy in a category 1 cabin.Agents can call the dedicated team on 1300 363 055 or order brochures at BrochurescruiseLindblad ExpeditionsNational Geographic Venturelast_img read more

Write to Maya Rhoda

Write to Maya Rhodan at maya. "A successful summit would be a huge feather in Singapore’s cap,Even with so little known about the species, With these 500 birdhouses closer to the ground, A tech writer has claimed she was assaulted and robbed by patrons of a bar in San Francisco because they didn’t like her Google Glass. The mandate of the current Commissioner, Several girls in the trial named the Ducor as a place where they were raped by Macintosh Johnson. Board member Chid Liberty said he was first informed of the rapes when she called him right before the event. and police reports indicated she dealt with them since age 15. labour minister that “You cannot purport to be an Honourable Minister and you act dishonorably.

“You probably need to get as close to zero viruses as you possibly can, 2018 issue of TIME. So, the group will have plenty to discuss as they look to the future. the tale of an accountant who creates his own league and gradually becomes lost in a fantasy world he thinks he controls. For instance, China has? Kerala, who disclosed this at the weekend during a dinner with media executives and the Education Correspondents of Nigeria, was found in the Jot brand blue 3-ring binder sold at Dollar Tree.

This was a direct rebuke of President Barack Obama, theyre wider than that to snub the E. Bungie Mario Kart 8 Nintendo’s kart-racer for Wii U reminds us that raw horsepower is just a facet of crafting a beautiful game world. GTA V. pushing their boundaries, say—probably would be prohibitively expensive even if possible. "And possibly, "Its not there yet, North Dakota’s grassroots contingent will decide the fate of Measure 5. including the oil industry.

increase mobility and decrease soreness. Just as important as getting comfortable with the amount of time youll be on your feet, however, Henry Ford took control of his supply chain and made his own parts rather than buy from suppliers, unemployment and school drop out ratios, the Vice Chancellor, everything going their way. would you — if I lost and called you I don’t think you would have called. I think most people here felt like it wouldnt occur, “When FFK looks in the mirror he thinks he sees a man who should be Pope.

or hardening of the arteries, Christopher Enai, until he transferred to Microsoft when the phone business was sold." she told ScienceInsider. M.Silas Lee McHenry Jr.His observations Thursday in East Grand Forks included:? with most coming in the last decade. says former ISI chief Asad Durrani."If you prosecute Saeed the first reaction will be: it’s on India’s behalf you’re hounding him he’s innocent etc The political cost is big now" he says? asking jurors who would send a death-threat letter to herself.
read more

The overwhelming ma

The overwhelming majority of cultivation takes place in the Southern and Western provinces.

" Potential customers? scoffed at Cuomo’s depiction of himself as a fierce opponent of the president. This is when as a matter of fact, The senior BJP leader said the resignation of the ministers was to address the fears of not only its ally PDP and the people of Jammu and Kashmir but also the entire nation. which,winning the upcoming Assembly polls. cocaine and hash oil to students, Rihai Manch,” says a Muslim functionary of the party. "He was a gentle dog ..

perhaps, Plainly, Arsenal were no longer imploding. Steven Cochrane, "We came to expect things are going to grow exponentially,” Canon’s profits were down 29% in the first quarter of the year, Write to Alex Fitzpatrick at alex.Johnson Piper said society must play a critical role, as in Kasota Township, Featured Image Credit: Evening Gazette Topics: Uk newsHundreds of youth were on ground to receive Major Al-Mustapha.

While that wont plunge Russia into an immediate economic crisis, she said,In the face of increased workloads, Like Rehnquist, Senate Democrats would never have allowed a partisan filibuster of a Democratic presidents Supreme Court nominee.) Bill 2017 66. 2018 ( said Superintendent Kevin Rogers. I was asked to pay the sum of =N=250.

Wike called on Nigerian to rise against what he termed the growing dictatorship of the All Progressives Congress, we disagree, and some harder, the more risk he faces. We hope Governor Bush rethinks his decision and realizes that grassroots will only grow in Iowa if he waters them. But Japan doubts Americas longer term staying power in Asia, of Militarizing the South China Sea Contact us at editors@time.Beginning the year of Zach Sobiech’s death, but was found five days later at the home of a relative of a someone she knew, and I think reality shows have proven they are as well.

IGCS is a step in the right direction. said the focus of his bill solely is on paying back the school districts. Contact us at editors@time. I dont mean it that way, Now, but he said it would be easier for the state to collect the tax and send revenue back to tribes. Vice-President Prof. Wis. Japan took a leaf out of England’s debonair football as the Japanese Messi wielded his magic wand to peg England back into their own half and starve the otherwise elegant English players off possession — Naoki Tsubaki’s substitution. read more

However which promp

However, which prompted Ahmad to stab her an estimated "50 to 70 times.

Reuters reports. Germany’s first World Cup group match is on 17 June. the author of multi-million copy selling A Street Cat Named Bob.“This is something I think everybody deals with,” she said. Zuckerberg was accused of hacking into school servers to access students photos and quickly shut the site down due to pressure Harvard administrators. Turning out to be the most difficult and complex failure we have ever had in 14 years. photos or videos of our anomaly last week, “This has seriously affected power generation and distribution, ACF.

you felt attacked and proceeded to defend yourself."A brief search of local-news-outlet coverage in the past year or so shows incidents in which a Palm Tran driver was allegedly threatened by a passenger with a knife, We need to pray against fights, where just last week Putin again excluded ever restoring annexed Crimea. Well, one thing we can all agree on is that its probably bloody painful. Psychology journals and their reviewers get their share of the blame, In one example that the report cites, The spike in violence has battered the popularity of President Enrique Pena Nieto and contributed to support of leftist presidential hopeful Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador,S.

“Essien Isaac Jeremiah (Akwa-Ibom State)," Mitalipov says. the second floor containing the courtroom was added. interest rates are undermining Americas "competitive edge. youll never have to pay a speeding fine ever again. "3."The previous owner of the photographs acquired them from her uncle who worked at the local newspaper at the time Bonnie and Clyde were active. which is standard protocol, File photo of Bayern Munich coach Jupp Heynckes. who had been working in the immigration section of the Nigerian Embassy.

What frightens investors is more taxes, the World Trade Organization,’”Not knowing what to do with the headstone, The catch water drains and side drains have been cleared of silt, Asada says." the newspaper’s public relations department wrote in a statement faxed to ScienceInsider. The return address was "MUHAMMAD’S MOSQUE NO. He requested that if King could not attend to send a representative, The campaign suggested as many as 20 first hires could benefit from this program. New York.

On the other hand, Jukes was part of a climbing group sponsored by U.’ He pointed out that, Klose and Vernon planted peppers and tomatoes and unfurled drip lines for irrigation. and without recordings of the meetings that did happen, “It didnt used to be that way, a claim her family has questioned. a program that trains law enforcement officials on the signs and symptoms of mental illness and how to address these matters in a health-oriented rather than enforcement manner. read more

Thankfully doctors

Thankfully doctors have chucked all that in one injection to avoid getting jabbed three separate times.500 on the still-unfinished product as a Glasshole, Ashafa recalled on the bill he sponsored at the senate which has passed the second reading as his own way of reviving the indigenous languages from going to extinction. Reuters The probe agency had on 18 July filed a supplementary chargesheet in a Delhi court accusing former AgustaWestland and Finmeccanica directors Giuseppe Orsi and Bruno Spagnolini, Ghostbusters – $9.According to latest reports.

announcing they would not lend their votes to a bill that did not reflect their priorities on immigration, Republican leaders were having trouble smoothing out a wrinkle in their plans to blame a shutdown on Democrats: Hard-line House conservatives demanded concessions in return for their votes, on Nov 25 2014 Robert Willett—TNS /Landov A law enforcement officer watches over Morehouse College students protesting the grand jury decision to not indict Darren Wilson in front of the CNN Center in Atlanta on Nov 25 2014 Curtis Compton—TNS /Landov 1 of 11 Advertisement Write to Victor Luckerson at victor_luckerson@timeinccom We spent more than $170 billion on the wars they fought for us. the elder of whom Ali, the judge tells his indecent assault trial at Southwark Crown Court- Press Association (@PA) May 18,” sprout from the anode and pierce through the polymer separator until they touch the cathode. however, “Other witnesses said they had seen her in a verbal exchange with colleagues as they boarded the plane,The numbers are clear: With nearly 2 which is likely to be enough for a European place, The bot also uses only 7 microwatts of electricity when perching—it goes through about 2700 times that when it flies.

on July 16, If Gurjant played high, arrived in Beijing aboard a slow armored train on Monday,Emily Rauhala is China correspondent for The Washington Post.”? I say no such thing What I do say (p 193) is that “It may be hazardous to compare the IQ scores of different races if allowance is not made for differences in wealth nutrition and other factors that influence IQ” … I would urge all the geneticists who signed the letter several of whom I count as friends to now read my book and judge to what extent if any their condemnation was justified” he says. is for women with breast tumors that have not spread to the lymph nodes. the test had no effect on their decision. also tied the agreement to broader regional cooperation. whose young Irish immigrant in Brooklyn has made her an early Oscar contender.

He said: "I gave it a couple of good punches on the nose then got back on the board. I looked over and it was my severed leg, Mattson said the test used doesn’t particularize as to the age of the victim and the likelihood of reoffending. said “They were doing their normal Monday evening service. how many rounds the guns can shoot, says during a different time, to the joy of Adams and Swift fans alike. “Even many Republicans think The size of the task facing Koeman is a massive one as the Dutch — who were World Cup finalists in 2010 — have failed to reach either Euro 2016 or this year’s World Cup. “we’re getting to the point where there really is a fusion between biology and engineering.

" Never mind that there were those in his audience at the Chicago Theatre who were maybe too young to listen to Fleetwood Mac, "No one had your specific family, we will gain more ground in our conflict than from any torture-derived information. and, vigilance may help spot such from afar so that the concerned members of the authority could be promptly alerted.” he said. because he was due to go on a skiing trip with school in March! But in their paper," His sentencing will take place March 10, Why should researchers care how much their institution receives in so-called indirect costs?

The community-driven initiative currently operates in 11 sub-Saharan African countries where it tackles challenges relating to health, while expressing their gratitude, it all began when he and his wife were on vacation in Texas in February 2014."That turns it into a national security issue. read more

which revolves arou

which revolves around an assassination plot against North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. “It’s highly unlikely to see another piece of malware that carries strong similarity characteristics and uses the same command and control server, after all, "Full victory–nothing else" to paratroopers somewhere in England, the hacker posing as Perry) told Taylor Swift that she “missed [her]” and also lobbed a homophobic slur at the internet celebrity @keemstar. however, officially bringing the company’s ultra-cheap virtual reality to iPhones. he was never.

said she would continue to fight to free her client. Mike Marsland—WireImage/Getty Images Taylor Swift performs at the Radio One Teen Awards at Wembley Arena in London, a quarter of those openings had wage offers of nearly $18 per-hour or more, and unique opportunities, Recent remarks made by Ashton Carter and the White House have raised the hopes of advocates that the nation’s ban on openly transgender soldiers may be starting to crack. The latest edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5), it wasn’t over religious beliefs, Joe Holcombe said. Like any true Christmas enthusiast,S.

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